Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It Only Takes a Few Weeks to Recover From Teaching Falsely

Here's the recent musings from the main end times group that splintered off Family Radio:

March 10: Years ago I have felt extremely sorrowful over the many false teachings of the churches. We first began as a ministry with the desire of being as faithful as possible to what the Bible says. I have never wanted to teach anything contrary to the Bible. There is enough error out there to last us all many lifetimes. EBible Fellowship existed to teach truth. And yet, without knowing how or where to make correction regarding a doctrine that impacts so much of the Bible itself I do not think it is possible to continue teaching at this time."

Well, that "time" has passed:

April 1, 2012
Starting today, April 1, 2012 EBible Fellowship is resuming Sunday fellowship gatherings. There will be Scripture reading, a few hymns, prayer, and a short Bible study.

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