Monday, March 26, 2012

Recently from the Best Blog Refuting Roman Catholic Apologetics...

.....From the Roman Catholic blog that knows it's better to give than receive: LA Congress 2012- Sponge Bob and "Youth Day Liturgy". Great stuff.  Once again, a well-deserved hat-tip to the Catholic Champion.
"The second video is the Youth Day Liturgy. Pagan drumming from the Orient begins the Mass along with some pagan chant. Sponge Bob Square Pants makes his appearance in the back. That's right look for him around the 2 minute mark. This almost looks like the Thanksgiving parade on TV. The rock band kicks in shortly after the drum session ends. Then the great conservative Archbishop Gomez appears introducing this as the Holy Mass."


Constantine said...


Pagan rituals at the Mass are apparently very common.

Take a look at this YouTube video:

You will note the following:

1. Woman with a horned wig distributing communion.

2. A witch singing the responsorial psalm.

3. The priest joking during the homily that only at his church "does the devil distribute communion."

Sad indeed.

I thought you might like to know.


John Bugay said...

Hi Constantine -- Regarding pagan elements being adopted into the early church, you may want to take a look at Allen Brent's "Ignatius".

James Swan said...


Thanks, I'll have a look.

The reason I found Mr. Champion's blog entry helpful is that it demonstrates going "home to Rome" doesn't mean one avoids innovation in liturgical presentations. That is, the wide-eyed covert can't look back at whatever bothered him (or her) in Protestant liturgy (or lack thereof)with finger pointing.

Of course, Rome is a bit like a small snowball going down the hill of history, picking up more snow and dead leaves, then growing larger.

louis said...

Looks like some PCUSA videos I've seen. I guess it's good to see that Presbyterians aren't the only ones losing their mind.

James Swan said...

Looks like some PCUSA videos I've seen. I guess it's good to see that Presbyterians aren't the only ones losing their mind.

I recently talked with a very liberal PCUSA person, and I wouldn't be surprised. The sad irony is that the church in question (along with a few other PCUSA churches) were going bankrupt. So, for all the innovations, the church isn't surviving.

On the other hand, one need only read liturgies throughout the centuries and over the globe to realize the church doesn't have a uniform way of conducting a worship service.

I personally don't have a lot of problems with some contemporary worship, as long as it's done with a sense of reverence.

the "contemporary" paradigm though isn't for me. The church I've been in for a number of years is truly now counter-culture. In fact, I would say that someone from the 1950's would feel right at home in one of our services.

Constantine said...

@ John Bugay

Thanks for the tip, John. The book is a little pricey on Amazon so I may have to find it in a library.

@ James Swan

Thanks for the note, James.

@ Louis

There is a very interesting reform movement going on in the PCUSA right now. You can find the details here:

I'm not aware of any such movements coming from Rome.