Tuesday, February 07, 2012

TurretinFan on Maximus

I'm involved with some other things (and probably will be so for the next few weeks). Let's just say some of those other things require me to read a sampling of documents from the medieval church. That's why I recently posted on Maximus. The book posted on the left is available via Google preview. It is an affordable book as well. If you haven't ever done so, read through the trial of Maximus. It is a very interesting read.

A few critics jumped all over an earlier post of mine on Maximus (one even admitting to not even having read the context of the Maximus quote I posted). My choices were to drop the things I'm doing and dialog with a few Roman Catholic bloggers (some of whom are anonymous, all of which have not been given any Roman authority to either interpret Romanism or the history of Romanism), or continue doing that which has more value at the present moment.

Fortunately TurretinFan  put together an interesting response to these critics: Maximus the Roman Catholic Confessor?  I'm grateful for this post. It certainly shows that our Roman Catholic friends use a template by which to interpret everything, and that template is riddled with anachronism.

Since I don't have any time to quibble over the details, I suggest any Maximus comments find their way  over to TurretinFan's blog. Thanks!

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