Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who Owns the Word "Catholic"?

Here's an interesting addition to my "Blueprint for Anarchy" series from this source:

Archbishop Vigneron Forbids Real Catholic TV to Use the Name "Catholic"
Folks, Archbishop Allen Vigneron of the Archdiocese of Detroit (whose photograph is at the left) forbids Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV to use the name Catholic: Statement Regarding Real Catholic TV and Its Name


Vince said...

'American Catholic Council' conference was in Detroit this past summer. The 'ACC' are pro-abortion/pro-homosexuality dissenters, presenting these distorted and false teachings as if they were Roman Catholic teachings, when obviously they are not. Archbishop Vigneron issued warnings that this conference was to avoided and not be confused with true Roman Catholic teaching. Obviously this conference can create quite a hazard to his flock, he did what was necessary to protect us. The same is again true with the message of Michael Voris. Voris is not pretending to be 'catholic'[you & I and all of Christendom catholic], he is presenting his message as if it is authentic Roman Catholic teaching when it is not [Ex; according to Voris it is wrong for Catholics to be constantly singing 'Amazing Grace' during worship].

James Swan said...

Hi Vince,

At least the person issuing the warning against Voris is an archbishop, and not just an Internet apologist.

On the other hand, how do you decide who is correct here, Voris or Vigneron? If you look at the link (and elsewhere) from where I pulled this tidbit, there are Roman Catholics defending Voris against Vigneron.