Monday, November 28, 2011

Resources on Justification by faith alone in Christ alone

By no means exhaustive, but here is an introductory list of good books and articles on the subject of the Reformation doctrine of Justification by Faith alone, in Christ alone, apart from the merit and condition of good works. We must always also remember that, "We are justified by faith alone, but true faith never stays alone"; it grows and results in good works and fruit and deeper levels of repentance and change as we grow spiritually. These are books and articles and sermons that have been helpful to me.

The Future of Justification, by John Piper

The God Who Justifies, by James White

The Roman Catholic Controversy, by James White

Faith Alone, by R. C. Sproul

Getting the Gospel Right, by R. C. Sproul

Counted Righteous in Christ, by John Piper

Justification in Perspective, Bruce McCormack, editor

Nick Needham has a chapter in this book (above) on "Justification in the Early Church Fathers"
David Wright has a chapter on "Justification in Augustine"
Anthony Lane has a chapter on the Regensburg attempt for RCs and Protestants to solve their differences over Justification (1541) and Trent's unfortunate dogmatic response. (1546-1547) Entitled, "A Tale of Two Cities: Justification at Regensburg and Trent"
and many other helpful chapters!

Justification by Faith Alone, edited by Don Kistler, Soli Deo Gloria

Sermons on Justification by John Piper

Article with early church father quotes by Turretinfan

Article by Turretinfan Affirming the Doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone with Scripture passages:

Articles by William Webster

Article of quotes from early church history on Justification by C. Matthew McMahon

Articles on Justification at

Important Article on Luther and "faith alone" in Romans 3:28, by James Swan

Article by James Swan on Allistar McGrath and Justification:

All the above are helpful to study and imbibe deeply; and the last two were very helpful in counteracting some of the typical Roman Catholic criticisms of the doctrine of justification by faith alone.

Addendum: I just found many articles that challenge "The New Perspectives on Paul" ( mostly of E. P. Sanders, James Dunn, and N. T. Wright)


louis said...

John Owen's book on justification (vol. 5 of his works) is worth all the others put together and then some. It can be found free online here:

It is also well worth $20 to get the hard copy.

Ken said...

Thanks, that is one I need to read.

Is it as hard to read (sentence structure) as his other books ?

"the Mortification of sin" is a hard book to read; I admit, because of his sentence structure.

I have the updated version of that edited by Justin Taylor and someone else. I have worked through some of it and skipped around, but have not read all of it.

louis said...

Once you start reading, you adjust to the style. There might still be places where you have to go back and re-read a passage, but it's worth the effort.

David Waltz said...

I would like to add to this growing list of books/resources on the doctrine of justification two tomes I have recently read:

Justification - N.T. Wright

Inhabiting the Cruciform God - Michael J. Gorman

Grace and peace,


Ken said...

I have not read N. T. Wright's book on Justification, but Piper (The Future of Justification) responded very adequately to Wright's writings before this.

Does it really add anything new to the debate/discussion?

louis said...
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James Swan said...

Maybe Mr. Waltz can post links to some Mormon works on this topic for us. :)

Ken said...

Another book that I have not read, but I have seen mentioned in Reformed blogs and comments is

Justification: Understanding the Classic Reformed Doctrine, by J. V. Fesko

Another book to read. . . uh ! When will studying end?

but I like studying . . .
Just don't have the money for it . . .

Ken said...

Maybe Mr. Waltz can post links to some Mormon works on this topic for us. :)

LoL ! indeed . . . maybe also how the Bahai Faith deals with it.

LPC said...

I wish to add from our side ...

Robert Preus, Justification and Rome,

Martin Chemnitz, Examination of the Council of Trent, Eight Topic, Concerning Justification.


Ken said...

Thanks, LPC -

Martin Chemnitz's work is excellent; of what I have read. Not familiar with the other work.