Friday, October 14, 2011

Luther vs The Lutheran Study Bible

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Brigitte said...

The moral law is written in Moses and it is also written on our hearts.

The law always accuses. If we want to follow the law for salvation as the Pharisees did, we have to mellow out the law, so it fits our performance criteria. The Pharisees did this. Divorce your wife and marry another. It was legal, but really it is adultery. Even more Jesus says: lusting is adultery.

We are not to bend the moral law to our accomplishment level.

In inventing "works" such as indulgences, pilgrimages, etc. the medieval church created another law that people could accomplish, but again was not the moral law and led to Pharisaical self-righteousness. The Reformation was exactly against this abuse and false righteousness.

False teachers who should know better are to be condemned.

Luther says the same kind of things most sternly about Anabaptist and those who create new laws of "holiness" which are not what God has commanded; things which can be kept and make you feel morally superior, though it is not a moral matter at all in reality (dress, etc.)

In my life, I sometimes ask people who agonize over certain decisions or offenses against customs, etc. if the matter has to do with the ten commandments. If it is not against the ten commandments, don't worry.

They are usually flabbergasted. We worry about so much non-sense and let the big ones go. (straining gnats...) But the Lord is merciful. We need to repent.