Monday, October 17, 2011

CTC on Luther and Original Sin, Windsor on Exsurge Domine

Here's two things I simply don't have time for this week.

For anyone trying to work through this CTC post, I wrote a little about this subject a while back: In Catholic theological anthropology, human nature is not selfish or sinful; human nature is good. What I find interesting is that the Luther quotes CTC is using are the very same quotes from my earlier blog entry. What an odd coincidence. I found this particular line from the CTC entry most interesting in evaluating Luther's text: "This argument is not sound, because the first premise is false. The greatest gift Adam and Eve lost through their sin was the supernatural gift of sanctifying grace, which is restored to us through Christ." Well, one can say that the first premise is false. It's quite another thing to Biblically prove what CTC says was the greatest gift lost in the fall.

On another front, Scott Windsor (who says the links to his blog disappear from this blog) has written, Why Was Luther Wrong? Part One (there's your link Scott!). I tried leaving a link comment on Windsor's article, but blogger kept cutting it off, so I gave up. Scott begins by evaluating Exsurge Domine. I've done a few entries on that as well:

Exsurge Domine: An Exercise in Ambiguity From Jimmy Akin

How Accurate was Exsurge Domine in Refuting Martin Luther?

Here's the link I tried to leave for Scott:

Hans Hillerbrand: "Martin Luther and the Bull Exsurge Domine" (Theological Studies 30:108-112).


CathApol said...

Greetings James, I just saw this. I'll look at the sources you cited and get back to you.

James Swan said...

Hi Scott,

I barely recall posting this. I think I tried leaving a comment on your blog, but blogger kept messing up the link I tried to post, so I deleted my comments. I assumed you got those deleted comments anyway.

I'm on to other things at the moment, but I'll try to to check in and see what you've put together.