Thursday, October 20, 2011

Catholic Answers Christmas Catalog for 2011

I recently received the Catholic Answers Christmas catalog for 2011. Here was an interesting tidbit:
"When you want 'Catholic,' you think Catholic Answers. When you want apologetics you think Catholic Answers. When you want the truth about the faith, you think Catholic Answers" (p. 50).
Actually, I'm not sure why Catholic Answers would want anyone to think "Catholic Answers" when one thinks "Catholic." Shouldn't they want you to think of something other than their organization... say maybe the official pronouncements from Rome? I've jokingly said for quite awhile now that Catholic Answers is the official interpreter of the infallible interpreter. Now perhaps that needs to be revised to the infallible interpreter of the infallible interpreter.


EA said...

I listen to CA live virtually every evening on the ride home. They certainly seem to have put themselves out there as you said.

James Swan said...

I have not listened to CA in quite a while. Perhaps I should check in to see what programming their doing to celebrate the Reformation.

Reformed Apologist said...

James, quit catching them in contradiction. :)

James Swan said...

Sorry, that's the way I was taught!