Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jonathan Edwards Had a Theology of Mary?

Here's an old paper of mine (2005) that was on Eric Svendsen's Ntrmin website (now defunct):

Jonathan Edwards Theology of Mary

If I recall, the paper was written for a class on Jonathan Edwards. In fact, I think the last time I read Edwards was in 2005.

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Paul Hoffer said...

Mr. Swan, thank you for posting this. We Catholics tend to forget that there is much that Protestant theologians have to contribute to the Christian understanding of Mary and her place (even if we do disagree on many things about the details of her role). One of my favorite books discusses at length JH Newman's theology of Mary prior to his conversion to Catholicism. In fact, in my mind one of the most beautiful poems ever written about Our Lady (using the Protestant title), "The Virgin," was written by a Protestant poet, William Wordsworth.

As for your conclusion, "...Mary is linked to and utilized for the glory of Christ and His work of redemption", that is something that no Christian, whether Protestant, Orthodox or Catholic, could possibly disagree with.

God bless!