Friday, August 19, 2011

Politics and Comedy

This is very funny and brilliant. I usually don't agree with Jon Stewart's political positions; but he is a very gifted comedian and smart. I don't understand some of Ron Paul's positions, and I disagree with several of them, if I understand them correctly. He seems really solid on the Constitution and for the most part, on most financial issues. (As far as I can understand the big picture.) But I wish he would produce lecture length videos to explain the security/defense/military issues and the moral issues more thoroughly rather than just sound-bite answers. I wish the media would give him more of a chance to explain further and I wish they would give time for him to explain himself.


Carrie said...

Very funny.

I'm the same as you, I agree with RP on some stuff, disagree on others. I think he may get a bad rap b/c of the Paulites - they can be a bit vocal.

Ken said...

My 21 year old son told me that most of the young people close to his age get all their news from Jon Stewart. They don't watch Fox News nor CNN nor MSNBC nor ABC. They don't read newspapers.

This is a sad situation. They are not thinking too deeply. They don't seem to care; and want to avoid all the "negatives" of Talk Radio. (conservative issues and the arguments; and the emotions that follow with understanding the liberal and cultural agendas.)

They seem too busy with their video games, droids, i-pods, face book, music, movies, and late night pizza and beer parties. (after job and school priorities, if those are even first.)

The future does not look good, if left up to them. They are big voting block - the 18-30 year olds. (just for convenience, I choose that range. )

I wonder if the YRR (Young, Restless, Reformed) group is reaching them, not only with the gospel, but how the gospel affects society and culture.

Ken said...

Addendum: August 25, 2011
Now I understand better why Ron Paul does not get much serious media coverage.

It is not as much from Ron Paul himself, but, it seems, mostly because of many of Ron Paul's supporters, some who say racist and anti-semitic things about Jewish people and who think Abraham Lincoln was a bad President and started "big government"; and some who say slavery was not that bad.

However, Ron Paul's unwillingness to denounce his followers who promote these views; does feed into the general idea that he is "crazy Uncle Ron" and to just ignore him. That would also explain why the media ignores him. His isolationist ideas are extreme and would seem to be unrealistic, in today's world, and would require more military intervention later. (If another Hitler type comes along and seeks to take over the world, or other countries close by, etc.) And he doesn't explain how his total libertarianism on moral values would be able to stop destructive things like same sex marriage spreading to other states, abortion rights, harmful drugs, prostitution, etc.

steelikat said...

I an neither an anti-semite nor a racist yet I believe that Abraham Lincoln was in at least one way a bad President and responsible for "starting big government" as you put it.

It is incorrect and unjust to imply that the latter opinion implies the other two opinions.

Rhology said...

What you said about Paul is correct except this:
who think Abraham Lincoln was a bad President and started "big government"

Honestly, if you've never thought that one over, I encourage you to. The case is much stronger on the Confederate side of things.