Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Two recent excellent articles about Islam at Answering Muslims

1. Who Corrupted the Gospel?
By David Wood at

Who corrupted the Gospel?

Be sure to read and study Sam Shamoun’s answer to other details in the comboxes; which has lots of links to various articles at

2. Who was Muhammad? By David Wood
Who was Muhammad?


James Swan said...

Thanks Ken- those guys do such great work!

I've been meaning to do some Luther / Islam posts- perhaps this summer some time!

Ken said...

You're welcome. I have heard often that many thought the Reformation was a confirmation of getting back to the truth of the Bible, and that one way God showed that in history was to defeat the Muslims in Vienna, when they tried to keep taking Europe. The Muslims were stopped at the Battle of Vienna on September 11, 1683. Luther mentioned the Ottoman Turks - Muslims attacking earlier in the 1500s at the time of his ministry ( ~ 1517 - 1546). Luther and Calvin's influence affected Europe for the good.

That defeat on "the other September 11" was the reason why Al Qaedah chose that date. Since that time, Muslims were pushed out of other parts of Europe, Sicily, Bulgaria, Greece, etc.

They were pushed out of Spain earlier in 1492, the same time that Columbus sailed for the new world.

Jamie Donald said...


There has been much speculation on the Sep 11th date. Battle of Vienna (11 and 12 Sep) is included in that speculation. However, the British Mandate for Palestine was signed Sep 11th, 1922; and in bin Laden's video claiming responsibility for the attack, he states that it took 80 years for the sword to reach America. 1922 to 2001 is 79 years. I tend to think that the Mandate was more likely the impetus behind date selection.

...the Reformation was a confirmation of getting back to the truth of the Bible, and that one way God showed that in history was to defeat the Muslims in Vienna. By using a Catholic army?

Ken said...

You may be right about the British Mandate date.
I need to look into that more closely.

Related to the end of WWI and 1922 and 1924 - The Ottoman Empire sided with Germany in World War I and lost; they were punished and the Khalifate was abolished in 1924, by Mustapha Kemal Ataturk, the secular leader of modern Turkey.

Catholic Army?

I need to study that issue more; but I have heard about that also.

I knew I could get some comments going by mentioning the Protestant vs. RC doctrinal conflict.

Posts on Islam or the dangers of homosexuality in our culture don't get much comments here; but mention the false doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, and BOOM, we generate comments. (smile)

Jamie Donald said...


I'd have commented w/o the Reformation comment -- if only to mention the Mandate. Remember I deployed very soon after 9/11/01, so I studied this stuff just a little bit. However, even my thoughts are conjecture. Al Qaedah never said why they picked the date. Battle of Vienna could be a reason. President Bush (the elder) also gave his "New World Order" speech on 9/11. However, since most of the radical Islamic terrorists seem to be so focused on anything Israel and the mention of 80 years, I'm inclined to stick with my own speculation concerning the Mandate.

Ken said...

Robert Spencer, as I recall, said that he thought Al Qaeda chose Sept. 11 because of the defeat of the Muslim Ottoman Turks on Sept. 11, 1683.

In film, "Islam: What the West needs to Know" - I don't know which part it is in - it is broken up into 10 parts on You Tube. I watched it a while back.