Friday, June 24, 2011

John Eck on the Superiority of the Vulgate?

Here's one I'd love to track down:

When Eck himself, in a futile attempt to displace Luther's translation of the Bible, issued a German translation of the Vulgate, he stated expressly in his introduction that his was "from ancient times the one sung, read, used, and accepted by the Holy Latin Church, so that one need not concern himself how the text reads in Hebrew, Greek, or Chaldean" [Willem Jan Kooiman, Luther and the Bible (Philadelphia: Muhlenberg Press, 1961), p.78].
Eck was one of the leading Roman Catholic theologians of the sixteenth century, yet the majority of his writings remain in obscurity (I do though own one book by Eck, put out by.... a Protestant!). Perhaps maybe someone knows where to find Eck's introduction to his German translation of the Bible?

Addendum (ht: Carrie)


Carrie said...

A different version HERE

James Swan said...

Thanks, I added that quote to the blog entry. great find!