Saturday, June 04, 2011

Court Lifts Ban On Prayer At High School Graduation

by The Associated Press

June 3, 2011
Public prayer will be allowed at a Texas high school graduation after a federal appeals court Friday reversed a ban won by an agnostic family, who claimed that watching their son receive a diploma would amount to forced religious participation because of school traditions.

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PeaceByJesus said...

The reality is that forbidding official acknowledgment of dependence on, or gratitude to a Creator, officially conveys that none exists, or that man is god. Secularism functionally operates in a significant way as formal religion, and effectively has becomes state-sanctioned atheism.

It is impossible for the State to separate itself from religion the way ACLU types demand it does as regards (and rather uniquely) Christianity . Any education or legal system is based upon moral beliefs, none of which had their genesis in atheism, though they may affirm some.

But in a democracy the State will reflect the general consensus as to what faith its laws will reflect, and so it is, with what one believes being shown by what one does (and does not).

I recently watched the movie "Time Changers, which i thought got its point across rather well (though the issue is more the Bible and its interpretive school of exegesis) and convicting of our desensitization.