Monday, May 23, 2011

Recent Camping Sighting

Live feed to Family radio for tonight's Open Forum: Family Radio's radio broadcast

Hear also NPR's recent update (mp3)

Doomsday Believers Cope With An Intact World

"Judgment Day has come and passed, but it was a spiritual judgment on the world," he explains. "There is no more salvation. Salvation is over with. The fact is we have 153 days, and on the 21st of October, the world will end."


MarieP said...

That clip from the Open Forum was sad...he's just stripped of everything! Wow...

Just what does he mean by "salvation?" Do you think he even knows? It reminds me of the account of the young girl who asked BF Westcott if he was saved. He replied, "Do you mean was I saved, will I be saved, or am I being saved?"

So if there's no more salvation, then I guess all of us are lost!

He probably means it in the typical evangelical way though- the door of the ark is shut. Wow...well, it's the logical conclusion to his beliefs about the church. On the one hand, it may mean no more trying to lead people out of the church. But then again, they could become like the Westboro group!

James Swan said...

good questions Marie!

Daniel said...

So, does Camping still believe that the Rapture will occur?

James Swan said...

Daniel said...
So, does Camping still believe that the Rapture will occur?

Hey Daniel great question. I must admit that while I listened to Harold on Monday night, I struggled to pay attention. He's always had that effect on me. (:

However, and someone can correct me on this, the rapture will take place on October 21st now. The world is now plunged totally into judgment. The offer of slavation is no longer available.