Friday, May 27, 2011

Latest From Rome, etc.

Pontiff Notes Mary's Help in Believing-VATICAN CITY, MAY 25, 2011 ( Noting Tuesday's feast of Our Lady, Help of Christians, Benedict XVI is affirming that Mary helps build up faith in Christ.

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Was Joseph permitted to kiss Mary and vice versa?

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LPC said...

Benedict XVI is affirming that Mary helps build up faith in Christ

This is blasphemous, it is the HS who builds the faith of Christians.

This pope should repent.


Rhology said...

LOL, it's just torturous to watch these Romanists writhe and convulse their way through justification of these dogmas.

Acting according to marriage vows would implicate sexual intercourse as a duty between husband and wife.

If Mary and Joseph made a vow of chastity, that proves their humble wisdom in devoting all of their attention to Our Lord. However, were it any other couple -especially in modern times- their decision would be regarded as contraceptive and in violation of God's Natural Law.

James Swan said...

Yes, while we're fighting with Roman Catholics over authority and gospel in a scholarly manner, we (or at least I), can overlook the way Romanism plays out in actuality.

Thanks guys for checking out the links.