Monday, May 23, 2011

Harold Camping to Speak Tonight

I guess we'll have an Open forum tonight...


False Doomsday prophet Harold Camping has told the International Business Times (IBTimes) that he would be making a public statement on or by tomorrow night in a “public forum” explaining why he had predicted May 21, 2011 as the Judgment Day and why it had failed, Camping, who has refused to meet the media till now or give any interview, agreed to meet IBTimes at his house in Alameda, Calif., and said that he would explain everything in the public forum tomorrow.

When asked why he hasn’t yet given any explanation till now, Camping, who looked dazed and confused, said he needed some time to think and recover.

The president of Family Radio, however, did not tell IBTimes the time the forum would be convened.

The Doomsday prophet predicted that the End of the World would start on May 21, 2011 at 6 p.m. when about 200 million people would Rapture while the remaining ones left behind will witness natural disasters, including earthquake that would make the Japan’s recent earthquake “look like a Sunday school picnic in comparison.” The World will be completely destroyed on October 21, 2011.

And also:

Camping, who could not be traced since Friday night till Sunday, told IBTimes reporters in San Francisco on Sunday afternoon that it is a big deal and he has got to live it.

“Give me a day, no interviews at all today. Sorry. You know this is a big deal, big deal, and I've got to live with it and I've got to think it out. So no interview,” said Camping, who looked tired and dazed.

When he was not in front of the video camera, Camping added that he will give a public statement on Monday night and that Family Radio will continue to “operate as normal”.


nath99 said...

Camping’s calculations were wrong and his assumptions naive, but Rapture and Judgment Day are still relevant! Humanity needs to know the truth. Listen to this very compelling recording from a new spiritual group that is making waves and getting the word out to be spiritually prepared with more than a simple prayer and some bible verses.

garland said...

Harold camping was right...however god said he will return in 7 days which is 7000 years but he doesnt say what time of day .....that leave the whole day which is 1000 years

James Swan said...

Hey guys, if you're both doing "A Beautiful Mind" type stuff with the Bible, you're leaving comments on a blog that thinks what you're doing is heresy.

garland said...

Its heresy if its made up but its in the bible and no preacher can denie i think he was wrong for setting a exact day ...yes but it is within the time frame of 1000 years

John Lollard said...

garland, let me make sure I understand:

Harold Camping was right that May 21, 2011 is the right day (because it's in the Bible), but he forgot to apply the "day = 1000 years" formula to THAT day, such that May 21, 2011 is some marker for a millennium within which Jesus may return?

Numerology is a form of magic and divination. Magic and divination are expressly forbidden, and for a very good reason. Camping's predictions depended on numerology, and so no they were not right. Numerology is a completely invalid context for studying God's ways and so even if Christ had returned Saturday, Camping would still be wrong because his argument and reasoning is an incoherent mess of arbitrary whimsy.

What is in the Bible? That believers are supposed to take a list of "veeeery significant" numbers and multiple them all together and then square them for good measure and then consider this as a number of days in an astronomical calendar since the best guess for the date of the crucifixion in order to know the day and the hour (6:00 PM local time - whatever your time zone) that Christ is going to return? Is that in the Bible?

That Christ is going to return is in the Bible, for sure, and that there will be certain signs and warnings that we can interpret as the day drawing near is in there, too (numerology is not one of those signs).

Or were you referring to something else? What was it Camping was right about, and what is it in the Bible that no preacher can deny?


James Swan said...

John, thank you.