Friday, May 13, 2011

Faithful Roman Catholics?

TurretinFan posted this video clip a few days ago:

Will Faithful Roman Catholics go to heaven from Canon Wired on Vimeo.

I would concur with TurretinFan's comments, particularly his statements about sanctification. I too question why someone who rejects Romanism and embraces Christ by faith alone would choose to continue to attend a Roman Catholic Church. From my sparse interaction with such people, most often I've been told it has to do with family related matters.

Doug Wilson makes a distinction between faithful Roman Catholics and faithful Roman Catholics. How does one determine what a faithful Roman Catholic is? Wilson is correct that those who knowingly espouse Romanism in its fullness are embracing a different Gospel. There are those of course who may be in Romanism, despite Romanism, and do embrace Christ by faith alone. Wilson says of these folks, they may have some "various inconsistencies."

That reminded me of R.C. Sproul's answer to whether or not Arminains are Christians. Sproul jokingly says something like, "Yes, barely." That is, a full-fledged Arminian in effect, turns faith into a work, but doesn't even realize it. They're Christians by what I think Sproul said was a "happy inconsistency" (those of you who study Sproul's writings Talmudicly can correct me with the actual words).

I've been badgered at least a few times by Roman Catholics asking me if I think they're Christians. I've replied similarly to Doug Wilson. I'm in no place to rule on the state of someones soul.

This post disappeared and came back due to Blogger, and for whatever reason they did maintenance on their system.

As I thought about this quick entry, I didn't want to leave any sort of false impression. Even though I can't look into anyones heart, I do not hold out  ecumenical open arms to those espousing Roman Catholicism. This doesn't mean that I despise Roman Catholics. I think we believe two different Gospels, and one of us is eternally wrong. I do have Roman Catholic relatives and friends. There are also some Roman Catholic bloggers that I like- Scott Windsor comes to mind.

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