Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eavesdropping on Campingites

Chris: As you know, Mr. Camping never instructed anyone concerning their careers or their finances. He always indicated that they should seek the Lord's will concerning these things.

I know of people (even years ago)that gave up many things, for the sake of the gospel way before any known Day of Judgment was in view (actually God's people have done this throughout history).

Ray: This is more than about "MONEY" I know of at lease "Four" marriages that are in the process of being dissolved over this including mine, not including the loss friendships,family members dis-owning some of us,etc...Yesterday, a Brother was kick out of his sisters home and has no place to go or has a Job and is left in a depress state of confusion like alot of us.Also, you can not back peddle on the "Judgment Day" massage and say all these other things were not part of the message.In fact,they were, "everyone" knew what we were saying Judgment day is....THE END OF THE WORLD..this is no doubting this.No one is looking for sympathy it is what it is and no one is blaming anyone,we chose to do this and are only looking for direction at this point.Frankly,I feel like the dung on the ground...Sorry,for the venting,but no of this can be taken likely,our credibility is shot.

Tony: Hi Ray, That was well said, I also have been a supporter of FR for over 15 yrs. And now I hear 2 different messages coming from FR Camping says the possibility of anyone being saved ended on May21, but on or about May 26 FR was still asking for donations to get the True Gospel out into the world, why???
I have also lost all credibility in bringing the Word of God to my friends, workers, and most hurting, to my family. Now I'm in the process of sending emails to all that I have stressed out especially to my family, for sending them wrong info. with an apology for listening to the twist that HC sent out, and saying it has to happen (rolling earthquakes and rapture on Gods people) on May 21 because the Bible guarantees it. I love FR and HC I learned a lot from his teachings, and I am praying for him. And I still believe that Oct.21 will be the last day, only because I personally checked out the time line of history(creation 11013 BC and the end of world 5/21/2011) from a CD I have from John Mc Owen from info he took from the Bible and it proves out. Now I can understand what the Bible says( No man knows the DAY OR HOUR OF CHRIST RETURN) but we can know the year. I send my love and prayers to all the brothers and sisters on this web site and through out the world.

Ralph: Hello Tony and question is just where was ...the starting point of .........."Time Line of History by John Mc Owen " was it to look at HC's and double check what he found ? or was it a completely new from start to finish a study with absolutely no \consideration from the study that HC presented? Since this was available through FR one must ask if JOHN Mc Owen is an associate of HC in some fashion , thus making me believe that it very well be a double check of HC findings . If it had anything "AT ALL " TO DO WITH WHAT HC 'S WORK SHOWED THEN ONE SHOULD ASK ,MUST ASK IS IT REALLY TRUSTWORTHY ,and I'm sure that any reasonable thinking person will /would agree . will await any and all replies on this matter.


Ervin:Ralph, I assume you went through the study for yourself. I would hope you didn't just accept John's study without first checking it for yourself. So far we know that God's timeline of history is accurately unfolded. We have the many proofs that let us know that it is accurate.I don't think the failed rapture of May 21 can be blamed on the timeline. The timeline did not indicate that the rapture will take place on May 21. The timeline only indicate that the period of great tribulation will end on May 21. Maybe you can tell us what specifically where you are having an issue with the timeline?


Anonymous said...

Let's face it: I'm a jerk and a meanie. But as I - even I - tried to process these excerpts into grapeshot for my twin cannons (ever white-hot with action, it seems) of Indignation and Disgust, heartbreak snapped my impulse to lash out. I truly, deeply pity these poor deluded souls. For once, compassion and shame drown my anger, rendering me hurt and fearful for these blind lepers. May the God of Grace be merciful to them and theirs.

James Swan said...

Well, I appreciate the honesty. I bet a lot of people echo your sentiment. I certainly didn't post this stuff to mock Campingites.

About 2 weeks before May 21, I was listening to Family Radio with another Christian. As he listened to Camping and a number of Campingites, I could tell it was starting to get to him. The Camping club really passionately believed what they were saying, and I could tell my friend started to wonder if maybe, just maybe, it was all true. Certain people, like my friend, are susceptible to emotion and convincing rhetoric. It was then I realized, probably a number of Campingites were wired like my friend. While I had disdain for the shame they were bringing the church collectively, I did understand what type of person may have possibly gotten sucked into it.