Tuesday, May 24, 2011

David Letterman's Harold Camping Top 10, and a Few Comments

Letterman link here. Sad stuff.

Here's a typical post-rapture news video:

As to last night's Open Forum, Dr. White's comments on today's Dividing Line provide a proper summary.

I did think it was interesting how the media tried to nail Camping on finances, because the world typically thinks all religion is simply an attempt to cash in. I would assume Camping probably does keep the finances of Family Radio in order.

Camping of course took no responsibility for people bankrupting themselves to be raptured. One question though the media did not nail him with: they forgot to ask him why he told people not to get married. He directly told specific callers not to get married. I'm not a legal expert, but I wonder if any who called up looking for advice on this could prove legally that he caused havoc in their lives.

Also the entire Ezekielthirtythree3 is out of the bag. Many are distraught over the fact that the guy is probably some sort of atheist or agnostic. True, his exposing Camping was probably done to attack Christianity in general. Here's something though to learn from this guy. For those of you who want to call Harold up, watch Ezekielthirtythree3's latest video, and pay particular attention to his comments on how to talk to Harold. There is a way to do it that won't result in getting hung up on.


RPV said...

Two items.
E33 listened to all the radio/TV christians, i.e "celebrity christianity" divorced from the context of the church. That had him so buffaloed and wound in a loop that he couldn't read the Bible for himself.

Consequently he can't see that the transfiguration of Christ in Mark 9:2 follows hard on the heels of Mark 9:1:

"That there be some of them that stand here, which shall not taste of death, till they have seen the kingdom of God come with power."

Harold has plenty to be responsible for, but E33 can't blame it all on him.
Or Adam.

Bob S.

Rhology said...

Letterman's #2 was funny but the rest were pretty lame. Typical.

James Swan said...

E33 has his own worldview to be responded to, but he's dead on in terms of how to communicate to Mr. Camping, that's my only point.

Some people have an ability to use manipulation effectively to achieve desired results. E33 is one of those people.

Rho- Yes Letterman has been lame for years. He was very funny years ago. Now he just seems bitter and jaded to me. I rarely watch his show. I do though think Conan can be quite funny, but he does get crude at times. I've never watched Leno, but I heard he likewise made a number of Camping jokes.