Monday, May 30, 2011

A Chuckle from the Puritan Board

Post: A Dispy Plug for Calvin:"The Good Book Blog" is a blog sponsored by Talbot School of Theology... Now,, officially, a classic-dispensationalist school. However, if you go to the blog (The Good Book Blog) and scroll down the right-hand column to "Most Commented Posts," you'll see one called "A Defense of Calvin(ism)". One of the school's profs waxes eloquent about Calvin - but it's the comments that follow that are most revealing. Many commentors say, in effect, that they thought Calvin was a bad guy - until they actually read him. A dispy school spreads the Calvin word - whodathunkit?

First response: I forget, which horse of the Apocalypse do they teach this kind of shocking news represents???

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