Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog Spotting & Tidbits

I'm often so caught up in my own research projects that I don't have a chance to surf through the blogosphere, and then when I do it's off to view about 10 - 20 different Romanist blogs. This morning though I took some time to read positive materials, and catch up on other things. See, I do read more things than Luther.

Paul Helm has written some wonderful books on John Calvin. I was pleased to find some time back he also has a blog: Helm's Deep. He's re-posted an article which originally appeared in Ligonier's Table Talk devotional: Problems of Evil. This is probably one of the best short expositions on this topic I've ever seen.

Speaking of Calvin, Jamin Hubner has begun a new series critiquing John Calvin's arguments for Paedo-baptism. Even though I'm not a Baptist, I did appreciate this opening post because it pointed out Calvin's incredible intellect, which many take for granted: "I have to say that, given that Calvin didn’t have a) a typewriter, b) any digital books with any search function, c) any digital Bibles with any search function, I am continually amazed at the depth and mastery of the Scriptures that Calvin demonstrates. I feel lost when the internet is down. Calvin would probably laugh in my face and recite in your choice of languages (French, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, etc.) any Scriptural citation you wanted." For a quick treatise on infant baptism, I'm fond of this article by B.B. Warfield.

This is a hard one to listen to at times because of the venue and recording, but Paul Manata posted audio of a dialogue at an Atheist Booth at an Earth Day celebration. If you like a free-for-all-hear-the-atheists-squirm type of thing, this is for you. Thanks Paul!

I haven't listened to to this yet, but I found an mp3 entitled In Memory of Walter Martin (1928-1989): The Original Bible Answer Man Ken Samples Reflects on the Life and Times of Walter Martin found on this web page. Back in my youth, I really enjoyed Walter Martin's stuff. Now as a Reformed person listening back I can appreciate some of his work while knowing where I would disagree with him. He really was one of the first to popularize apologetics and deal with cults. There are other interesting mp3 links on this page as well from Christ Reformed Church.

OK, so I'm not a Federal Vision guy (at all), but this short piece from Doug Wilson makes a good point about defending ourselves.

Harold Camping Tidbits

I live in an area with a strong Family Radio FM signal, and I even get a Family Radio TV channel on my Cable system. There were a number of Camping-ites in my church (they're gone now), but we still have a number of folks listening to Family Radio because they enjoy the music. Well, music is a personal choice, but after about an hour of Family Radio music I may run screaming from the radio.

I found a few recent articles on the Camping phenomenon:

Billboard says that Christ is coming in May

End of Days in May? Believers enter final stretch

'The End of the World Is Coming!' My Experience With Harold Camping

Also if you want to catch up on end times stuff, why not play a board game?


Jeff said...

I think it is also insteresting to reflect back on the tapes of Walter Martin and see where I am now (in referece to my theology). Still some good stuff to glean from.

James Swan said...

Hi Jeff-

I did manage to listen to the Walter Martin tribute lecture by Ken Samples.

Overall, he gave a nice summary of his career. Martin was by no means perfect, and now I can point out many area in which I disagree with him (for instance, his views on Romanism).

It's worth a listen.

PeaceByJesus said...

Martin was the man, of whom we were not worthy, praise God.

In contrast, Camping's extrapolated, eccentric, esoteric, erroneous eschatology, with his contrived contortions and any-digit-will-do allegorical methodology, is contrary to how any doctrines have been established.

Yet we can expect May 22 will met with reworked calculations, as he is the latest eschatological edition of aberrant, autocratic apocalyptic authors who deceive the heart of the simple.

Paul said...

Thanks for the link!

Tim Prussic said...

Thanks for the links, esp. the Omega Board Game... I'm on my way to get that at "The Bookstore" right now!

As to Calvin and infant baptism, I did a small piece on his doctrine of infant baptism a few years back. Maybe it would be of interest.