Monday, December 06, 2010

The Homosexuality Issue in our Culture as we near the end of 2010

Three Important Blogs (one a 3 part series) on the Issue of Homosexuality in our culture today:

1. On the Current Debate over the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy”:

I think everyone should watch this - a little over an hour (69 minutes) presentation by the Family Research Council on the current issue of homosexuality in the military and the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. (Also, take some kind of action that they suggest; pray, sign petitions, and support the effort to expose the liberal mis-information.) There is a lot of good information here that the current liberal media is not telling us. It is also very discouraging that so many fiscal and “military defense” type conservatives, who don’t care about moral issues in our culture, and libertarians are speaking out and agreeing with the liberal spin on why this policy should be repealed.

Liberals are making this their political top priority, when the top priorities should be the economic issues.

I wonder, that if the liberals have their way, and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is repealed, will a Christian soldier be able to say to the open homosexual in his troop, “homosexuality is a sin” – Will he be able to say that at all without being punished?

2. Jamin Hubner’s excellent 3 part series at of exposing Tony Campolo and other Emergent types who seem to think homosexuality is ok in certain circumstances. (in a “committed relationship” or “that the homosexual desires are somehow ok” – failing to distinguish between a temptation and a sinful, perverted desire.

“Adventures in missing the Truth”

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Two big shifts that had massive impact in our culture in this area is when the Psychological/medical science groups, based on political pressure and faulty results from skewed reports, such as the infamous "Kinsey report", changed their official stance on homosexuality from a “mental disorder” to normal; and when our culture started allowing homosexuals to adopt children. Those were two big errors that furthered the cultural rot and have their effects on the debate today.

3. Pyromaniacs also has a good recent article on Homosexuality and "Homophobia"; how liberals and “gay rights” advocates seek to shut down debate by pulling the “homo-phobia” card. Also, don’t miss the important addendum at the end of the article on the sick family cult of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church, a truly wicked and hate-filled and heretical group that unfortunately has stolen so much media attention and has poisoned so many secular and nominal minds against the proper Christian position against homosexuality, that loves homosexuals by telling them the truth of the gospel and shares with them in a right and balanced way, with loving concern and “gentleness and respect”. ( I Peter 3:15)


Truth Unites... and Divides said...

Thanks Ken for this post.

FYI, Tom Gilson, a co-blogger at Evangel, has written the first two parts of an ongoing series on the issue of homosexuality in our culture here:

The threads are long, but they are instructive and revealing.

Ken said...

You're welcome!

James Swan also had a link to a sermon on the issue of homosexuality in 2007:

PeaceByJesus said...

God created man and women uniquely compatible and complimentary, and they alone are joined by God in marriage, with opposite genders being specified by both Genesis and personally by Jesus Christ. (Gn. 2:18-24; Mt. 19:4)

The Bible only condemns homosexual relations - by design and decree, in principle and by precept - and never sanctions them wherever they are manifestly dealt with, and the injunctions against them are part of the transcendent and immutable moral law. (Lv. 18:22; Rm. 1:26,27)

Pro-homosexual polemics, in all their prolixity, are spurious, and ultimately require negating the authority of the Bible, and or the use of a hermeneutic which would negate any moral law.

An extensive examination and refutation of such attempts can be seen here:

PeaceByJesus said...

This is partly an issue of separation of church and state. No government is removed from a basic ideology which functionally is like religion. It promotes certain values, while censuring others (including that pluralism is not the best ideology), and it expresses these in its laws. And while it is widely denied, the general Christian faith was at one time the default "civil religion of the USA, and its laws ultimately owe much to Biblical law.

But while it is also denied, the Christian faith of old can hardly be said to be the civil religion of today, being increasingly supplanted by State-sanctioned secularism with its ever morphing morality, based a finite and superficial and often sensual reasoning. And while it ostensibly has peace and harmony as its priority, it is actually antagonistic toward transcendent moral law, most uniquely that of the Bible, and thus it shows sympathy toward Islamic law. (a Pilate and Herod becoming friends type-thing)

It is thus that secular attempts to maintain traditional marriage as the only lawful kind will fail, and homosexual activists, who understand better than most others what really is their adversary, have spent inordinate amounts of labor and creative and writing seeking to negate the Biblical injunctions against homosexual relations, and even extrapolate sanction for the same.

As for the activism which seeks to make homosexual relations culturally sanctioned and even advocated, from kindergarten on up, has rather successfully employed deceptive psychological tactics:

However, there is yet room at the cross for all who will turn to Christ, wanting Him over sin, and believe in Him with all their heart, as some of the first Christians were former homosexuals, etc. (1Cor. 6:9-11)

Ikonophile said...

I was told, when an LBGT panel came to my class to tell the students about themselves and their "cause", that as a Christian, I should look into new theologies about homosexuality. I can be a Christian, so long as I bend my theology in the way that others want me to... sheesh.

I am a Christian because I want to be transformed by Christ, not because I want to transform Christ in a way that appeals to the world.