Thursday, July 01, 2010

Already and Not Yet

Protestantism did not destroy Christendom: it simply reconfigured it for the better, with the accidental circumstance of having to adjust for retrenched RC opposition to integral Reform.

This is a comment from a writer named Peter Escalante, in comments on a blog written by Steven Wedgeworth, addressed to Darryl Hart.

Hart was writing in response to an article that Steven wrote on the topic of "Two Kingdoms."

This is one discussion that I think is worth having, and it is worth taking the time to do it well. [Paul Manata at Triablogue is giving it a good shot.] As D.A. Carson and others have noted, one of the key discussions that Protestants need to have in our time is on the topic of Christ and Culture.

This is really an older discussion among groups that that sort of break out along lines that Paul Manata outlined in an "Ordinary Means" podcast, on the topic of: "transformationalists, participators, and withdrawalism."

Much more could be said, but I won't say it, because I'm not really much more than an observer at this point. However, I am an optimist by nature, and I believe there is very much good that will come out of this discussion.

Of course, underpinning it all, is the theology that came out of the Protestant Reformation. My calling, as I see it, is to continue to address what Peter Escalante called the "retrenched RC opposition to integral Reform." That's how this all ties together.


Paul Manata said...

Hi John, that blog post you link to doesn't really have anything to do with Christ and culture or natural law. It's a book review of Michael Sudduth's book on natural *theology*, but thanks for linking to it nevertheless!

John Bugay said...

Paul, it just all seems to run together in my mind. :-)