Thursday, March 04, 2010

Breaking Promises

Interpretive note: OIUH= "James Swan." If I recall, the comment was directed toward TurretinFan.

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I've never seen any reason to think that your reasoning has started to become reasonable, no. :-) Your nonsense here confirms it, too: you are relentlessly illogical. You inevitably warp and twist my words and reasoning in these ridiculous threads. Sorry, but that is most unimpressive. I know this wounds your ego, but my opinion of your intellectual and logical prowess is well-known to you, no?

Keep reading my stuff if you wish. I don't read yours. And I won't be reading OIUH's anymore, either, after I leave this place.

I know you guys want to follow what I do because you're so afraid that your anti-Catholic friends are so stupid that they are dumb enough to be swayed by my arguments, which you take to be self-evidently false, and not "serious."

So keep reading and mocking away!

-Fast forward- Tue Mar 02, 05:50:00 PM EST

DA said...

Tim Enloe. the Polemicist (he who has forsaken the blogosphere altogether), has weighed in, in his inimitable fashion:


The introversion of Catholicism as exemplified by the authors you mention really is amazing. Catholicism is the font and source and sole protector of all Light and Truth and Goodness in the world. Anything good outside of Catholicism exists only by way of parasitism on Catholicism. Catholicism is It, the Real Thing, the Cream of the Crop, the Tip of the Top. Scandals and failures in Catholicism are just remaining human sin, and have no measurable impact on its witness to the world. Scandals and failures in others are objective proof of heresy and lack of "full" connection to the true vine.

It gets absurd listening to it after a while, and one is reminded of Paul's words to the Roman Church in Romans 11: Do not be puffed up as if you are the root of the tree and not just a wild branch grafted into the tree. For if God did not spare the natural branches, neither will he spare the grafted in ones if they become corrupt.



Rhology said...

That wasn't a vow, you know. Nor a promise. Nor an oath. Nor a pledge. Sheesh. You'll do ANYthing to make DA look bad. Get over yourself.

steve said...

I believe the proper, up-to-date classification (from Dave's official glossary, which he updates every other day or so) is a quasi-para-vow. Unless it's actually a para-quasi-vow.