Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm very appreciative of John's recent posts that keep this blog informative, interesting, and controversial. I'm swamped with other things at the moment. Here are though just a few tidbits I've caught in my free time.

First make sure to check out the widget on the top right. Pick your own Bible translation as a tool to read the verses cited here on the blog. Also, the little "L" next to a cited Bible verse will launch Libronix to that very verse if you use that software. But, simply hover over the verse on the blog entry, and it will display the verse. It's a great little widget, a worthy addition to any blog.

Fan club Update
Yes, I've got my own fan club. I'm hardly writing anything, but I still have some folks who treasure my every insight:

James is knowledgeable about Luther and that fact is well known here on the Lutheran threads. It is important to understand that Protestants here REALLY want to view Luther in a positive fashion. When James Swan writes a post which seems to exonerate Luther in regards to this or that charge, I think that most Protestants breathe a sigh of belief. They trust James to give them the straight story. The question is whether they should. [source]

You can tell me about the other three articles all you want and you can whine about how I “ignored” them, but I will not be in the near future I believe that they ALL reveal your extreme pro-Luther bias and that they all portray him as being VERY different from the historical facts. In doing this, I am only practicing your “specialty”. You troll around various sites, including this one, so that you can write articles about how people (like me) are so mean to innocent Holy little Marty. You don't expect to be challenged or expect anyone to check your facts though do you? That being your MO, you certainly cannot have a problem, at least philosophically, with me “critiquing” your articles about the Peasant’s War. You see, I think that they ALL contain evidence Luther is being systematically misrepresent in an effort to keep people from seeing who he really was and what he actually did. That being said, as we (meaning I) move forward, I will be comparing your representation of Luther’s “role” in the war with those of trustworthy Protestant Scholars. [source]

One wonders by the flow (or lack thereof) of words as to the nature of the person who wrote them. The ironic thing about this man's passion is that current Roman Catholic scholarship (including the current pope), is fairly docile toward Luther. He does though make a good point. Sources should be scrutinized, including mine.

The Private Magisteriums Speak
I had another wonderful recent endorsement from the Catholic Champion, but he either deleted it or I simply can't find it. He did though make the following curious comment:

With the state of the Church being what it is, it is easy to get discouraged. Most of the theologians in the Church today have inherited a modernist mentality which severely impairs their ability to understand and communicate the Catholic faith effectively. At times it appears that the only theologians that are safe to read are the ones who lived before the mid 19th century. As a result you almost get the impression that you are living a faith that only exists in the minds of dead authors. This of course is not the case, I am exaggerating a bit [source].

Yes, these are the same type of scholars the Pope puts on committees. Oh well. The Champion would probalby enjoy hanging out with Gerry Matatics for an afternoon (yes, I've done that...saw him on his world tour a few years ago).

Here's a tidbit from a Romanist blog about Dr. White. It asserted he is "a major enemy of the Catholic Church." Now, I would speculate, those in authority in Rome have probably never heard of him. This person though has the authority to declare Dr. White a "major enemy." How does that work? How does a private individual speak for the entire church, declaring who one of its "major enemies" are?