Saturday, March 06, 2010

Luther's Works 69, Logos Version

Over on CyberBrethren, Rev. Paul McCain announced the newest volume of Luther's Works will soon be available in Logos format. I did purchase the book last year, and I recall asking around if and when the book would be available in a digital format. I didn't get any answers- perhaps I didn't ask the right sources. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing that I picked up the book, but given a choice, I probably would've bought the Logos version only.

I wonder how much $$ is it going to be?

I hope there isn’t going to be an action figure or a lunch box, I can only afford so much.


L P said...

You must have gotten it from Old Lutheran, no?


James Swan said...

I've not gotten anything from Old Lutheran, but the sin boldy beer mugs are tempting.