Monday, January 11, 2010

Sedevacantists and Web Design

I recently came across what I would call a sedevacantist website, but maybe that isn't the most accurate term. As best I can tell, this website details the great conspiracy many years ago to hide the truly elected pope and replace him with an antipope.

The site is called The Pope in Red and while I do enjoy the conspiracy theory types, I was most struck by the terrible design of the site. The page is littered with text and pictures and it is difficult to understand what is actually being alleged without some digging and conjecture.

So I was amused to come across a second site a few days later which boasted a similar bad webdesign by another sedevacantist type. For a few minutes I thought I had stumbled upon some great correlation: RC conspiratists have very poor web design skills. What could be the connection?

But lo and behold when I checked the bottom of the site I noticed the two sites were from the same group/author. In fact, the logo for the sites all link back to this site which offers a few more websites to peruse. My favorite part is this page. Not only does this person believe freemasons overtook the papacy, but they also were involved with 9/11.

Of course, anyone who buys into any of the 9/11 conspiracies is a kook in my opinion, but the freemason stuff isn't as out there as some might think. When I went to see Gerry Matatics he also believed that freemasons had infiltrated the Vatican yet I wouldn't consider Gerry a kook. Wrong, but not a kook.

But it's all entertaining in my book.


James Swan said...

What's interesting is the way Roman Catholics question who exactly really is Roman Catholic.

Today Madrid & Shea got huffy against Catholics calling using the term "neo- Catholics"

Carrie said...

So who is right, Madrid/Shea or the people calling them Neo-Catholics? How do I know who is right?

Rhology said...

I love it.
Madrid says: Mark correctly recognizes that this epithet is simply a thought-stopping swear word used by some Catholics against other Catholics

But "anti-Catholic" most definitely is NOT a "thought-stopping swear word".

Andrew said...

Carrie, isn't it obvious? The ones who are really the One True Church are correct.

steve said...

The one true pope is prostrate on a hospital bed, heavily sedated, deep in the bowels of Vatican City. It's like that 1993 film "Dave," starring Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver, and Frank Langella.