Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sungenis vs. Sippo

"Who are the “highest circles of the Catholic Church”? Obviously, Art [Sippo] does not and cannot point to any official teaching of the Catholic Church that says the Mosaic covenant is not revoked, for there are no such statements."

"Art’s remark that “in the highest circles of the Catholic Church it has been recognized that the Old Covenant from Sinai was never revoked” is, to be honest, very disturbing, if not frightening."

"Since when do we determine Catholic doctrine by a head count of “the highest circles of the Catholic Church” and ignore the dogmatic Tradition passed down to us, especially when some of those “highest circles” are notorious for their liberal and unorthodox views? Art knows what the Tradition says; he knows what Scripture says, but he is apparently ignoring both of them because of some theological sentiment he has for the Jews." [source]

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