Thursday, October 29, 2009

Remember the Reformation

Click on the title to see a 7 + minute clip of the dramatic black and white film portraying Luther against relics and a false gospel; and proclaiming the true gospel, pointing to Romans 1:17.


bkaycee said...

Love it!

Burk said...

That is quite a hoot. Here the parishioners were showing their faith, and Luther kicks it away with contempt. Tell me that Lutheran churches don't indulge in symbols and art to this day!

Anyhow, if you really want to know the truth, forget about religion and pay attention to reality and life.


Unknown said...

Yeah we have symbols and art but don't venerate them.

Eric said...

I think this is the best Luther movie. I've got a copy of this one and the more recent movie made just a few years ago. I borrowed a third version from the library that was just terrible - couldn't watch it - boring!
Are there any other good Luther movies or documentaries worth renting out there?
James Swan should make a Luther movie! Dr. White could play Luther... who would play the Pope?


BillyHW said...

Yeah we have symbols and art but don't venerate them.

Yeah, but your art is just really bad.

Anonymous said...

That drunk Martin Lucifer didn't know the first thing about living by faith. He had a dead faith like a demon. Besides, Matthew says in Matthew 2:23 that it is prophecied "he shall be called a Nazarene" but that doesn't exist in the OT. The only reason, therefore, you believe that should be in the canon is because the POPE said so! A real Protestant would ditch the Catholc Bible and reconstruct Marcion's Bible from its ashes. If Martin Luther hadn't always been drunk maybe he could have done that.

Anonymous said...

If you make a Luther movie I want to play the ghost of Marcion coming to him in a dream and saying "why do you not take Romans 9 and 13 out? You know they weren't in the original Pauline corpus that I published! The Catholics added them!"