Monday, October 12, 2009

Recent "Blueprint For Anarchy" Quotes & Some Quotable Sippo's

"As many of you may know, I have defended what I believe to be Church teaching on this matter and have taken the position that these acts were immoral and unjustified according to Catholic moral theology and particularly just war thinking." [Source]

R. Sungenis: “Conflict” with a bishop is common in Catholic history, because not all bishops protect and defend the Catholic faith.[Source]

My bishop, unfortunately, like you, believes and promotes the heresy that the Old Covenant is somehow still valid for the Jewish people.[Source]

"Bishop Ratko Peric, who has led the Diocese of Mostar-Duvno since 1993, has emphasized that the alleged apparitions and messages of Medjugorje are not to be treated as “worthy of faith.” [Source]

“Brothers and sisters, let us not act as if these 'apparitions' were recognized and worthy of faith,” he said. “If, as Catholics, devoted sons and daughters of the Church, we want to live according to the norms and the teaching of the Church, glorifying the Holy Trinity, venerating Blessed Mary ... and professing all the Church has established in the creed, we do not turn to certain alternative 'apparitions' or 'messages' to which the Church has not attributed any supernatural character.” [source]

The Quotable Sippo

"In reality Sola Ecclesia has a valid meaning but it is not the slander that Pcoma insinuates. It is only in the Church that the Bible, Tradition, and the superintendence ofhte Holy Spirit are meant to operate. Outside the Church there is just teh wailing and hte gnashing of teeth as mere men seek to justify themselves with their own preferences masqueradig as faith." [source]

"Protestantism is NOT Biblical. It is a hypocritical sham that is obvious to anyone who has the personal integrity to admit the truth." [Source]

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