Friday, October 30, 2009

Catholic bloggers’ “code of conduct”

Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, didn’t think a Catholic bloggers’ “code of conduct” would accomplish much. [source]

Too bad. A code of conduct would be helpful for such bloggers as Mark Shea (who uses profanity), Art Sippo (who is quite the angry Romanist), Robert Sungenis (for his comments on the Jews), Patrick Madrid ( who posts insults and silliness about Dr. White), Steve Ray (who continually uses Patty Bonds as an apologetic), and others etc.

On the other hand, more often than not when I read Jimmy Akin's blog, he doesn't appear to need the same guidelines these other professionals do. Maybe Jimmy Akin could write the guidelines he uses out for these other guys... after all, Catholic Answers is the closest thing to a magisterium this side of the Atlantic.

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