Monday, August 17, 2009


Here's a spunky blog I've been reading recently: By Whose Authority? I've seen some good posts, and recommend a visit. I've left a few comments in the Cyril of Jerusalem entry.

Here's a fun little thread from Catholic Answers: Are there scripture passages the Church has defined?

I've been interacting with a guy over on the CARM boards about Luther and authority. The recent discussion begins around page 36. Trust me, you don't want to trudge through pages 1-34. The only reason I decided to interact with the person who started this discussion, was that I was able to corral him in to posting 100 words at a time. Otherwise, he'd write a small book in each post. My interactions with the topic begin around post 704.

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BJ Buracker said...


Thanks for the links. I find the one to CAO particularly interesting. I've been thinking for a while now that Catholic apologists are probably wrong for calling the Magisterium an infallible interpreter of Scripture. Rather, the Magisterium appears to claim and "be" an infallible theologian. That seems to be what is being said on the board, too.

Thanks also for the blog link. I'll be sure to book mark it.


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