Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quiz: Top Ten Reasons

I have been MIA awhile and that will (unfortunately) continue for awhile longer. But I thought I would check in quickly with a quick quiz.

I was cleaning out some piles of papers and came across a pamphlet from Our Sunday Visitor entitled "Top Ten Reasons to Come Back to the Catholic Church". I'll give you reasons #2-10, let's see if you can guess what #1 is. No cheating and only Protestants can answer.

"Here are ten reasons that influenced the decision of others to return to the practice of the Catholic faith" Our Sunday Visitor

10. Because they want meaning in life.
9. Because childhood memories surface.
8. Because they made mistakes.
7. Because they need to forgive others.
6. Because they want to be healed.
5. Because the Catholic Church has the fullness of truth and grace.
4. Because they want their children to have a faith foundation.
3. Because they want to be part of a faith community.
2. Because they want to help other people.
1. ??

The person who guesses the right answer gets...the satisfaction of being right.


Four Pointer said...

I would say that it has something to do with the ceremonialism and rituals and religiosity of their services (i.e., the robes and candles and processions and so forth). Basically, because, it "feels" like church? Or something like that?

It is a bit ironic that "because the RCC has the fullness of grace and truth" only ranks number 5.

Andrew said...

The Eucharist.

Aristion said...

The liturgy?

Rhology said...

The Eucharist!!!!!

No, I'm gonna guess that it has to do with receiving the blessings of Mary and the privilege of her mediation to Jesus for me.

BJ Buracker said...

How about because they want to? Or maybe because they miss it.

Stupid Scholar

James Swan said...

...Because their spouse was Catholic. Harmony in marriage.

Paul said...
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The Blogger Formerly Known As Lvka said...

Because of stability? (Pope, history)

Carrie said...

Andrew wins!

#1. Because they hunger for the Eucharist.

pilgrim said...

When I left the RC church, the final piece to fall was the Mass.

I disagreed with many other things, but I was determined to sort this one out. If the RC view on the Mass/Eucharist was true, then it would be dangerous & foolish to leave, and go against it. But if it was false it would be folly and grave error to remain in the RC church.

But when I saw how the Mass denies Justification and thus the gospel, I had to leave, and go somewhere that preached the gospel.

I know a lot of people--even those who would call themselves Protestants, will disagree with that.