Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Quotable Sippo #8

I have an occasional feature called, "The Quotable Sippo." It's very simple, I just let Catholic apologist Art Sippo speak for himself. Recently, Dr. Sippo provided some of his insights, and well... let's just let the good doctor speak for himself:

Well, TECHNICALLY, the only true texts of the Bible were the autographs in the original languages whaich are long gone. Every version that we have is a copy of a copy of a copy.... etc. And vernacular paraphrases (there is no such thing as a tranlsation: TRADUTORE TRADITORE) all suffer from some deficiencies.

This is one reason why "sola scriptura" is assinine. It is utterly unworkable.

Um, didn't Jesus use a translation called the septua... ah, never mind.


I think that what we really need is a more LITERAL Bible translation (similar to the old RSV) with good Catholic notes. It also needs to take into accounthe differneces between the Septuagint Greek OT (especially those quoted in the NT) and the Hebrew texts.

Dear Dr. Sippo.... Your wish has come true! Pick up a copy of The New Catholic Answer Bible put together by a team of Professional Catholic apologists! Wait a minute.... shouldn't the Magisterium be putting out a Bible with "good Catholic notes....ah never mind...


Andrew said...

I don't know Mr. Swan. Dr. Sippo says that the likes of you and Dr. White et al are stupid, heretical, anti-catholics. Can I trust you in light of this fact?


bkaycee said...

I bet Art secretly wishes that scripture would just go away. He is probably sick of having to repeatedly spin away the differences between scripture and the RC system.