Monday, June 01, 2009

Yes, I am a Member of the the Reformation Illuminati

I'd don't claim or pretend to be anywhere near as witty (or perhaps scary) as Steve Hays, but here goes. Over on the CARM boards, a Roman Catholic named Tim has been baiting me for months to dialog with him on Luther related issues. Recently he posted this, and this, simply because I recommended that rather than dialog with me, he do his own research.


You're far to knowledgeable about Luther and the Reformation now, so I've been instructed by the Reformation Illuminati not to interact with you, so as to not have our lies exposed. You've come a long way from your earlier studies when you said things like, "Luther did add the word 'alone', but then retracted it in the second edition of his Bible."

We're hoping no one finds this CARM thread, as we've spent years perpetuating the Luther myth. Our covert task has been to lead people away from the True Church of Rome. Yes, it's true, we answer to Satan, well not directly, as he's busy with other things, and these days most people think Martin Luther said "I have a dream...". So, my group only tries to keep enough Luther lies going in cyber space to keep a few Protestants completely clueless.

Catholic apologetics are getting stronger everyday, and I think Pat Madrid is up to "Surprised By Truth #9" now, as Protestants are leaving our false church in record number despite all the counter-intelligence work we do.

I realize by me telling you the truth about all this, I have violated the secret Reformation Illuminati code as held by me and my fellow agents. Alas, the truths you've presented in this thread have backed me into such a corner, I realize I have no other option but to come clean, and hope by doing so I may at least wind up in Purgatory. But I'm not hopeful, as I've written lie after lie both here and elsewhere.

There were a few Lutherans you also demolished by your argumentation in this thread. I'm sure they're cowering in fear right now and wondering how they're going to remain Lutheran after you thoroughly exposed the lie of Lutheranism. It's probably their "dark night of the soul." Perhaps their is still hope for them, but for me, my continual lies about the Reformation have probably sealed my fate. Have mercy on me Tim!

Update: Excerpts from the Response

"Now James, I never would have believed that “Men of God” could commit such a deceitful sin intentionally. Until just recently, I would have seen your “Reformation illuminati” remark as either another simple attempt to obfuscate or a sign of your delusion. However, especially given the statement of the LCMS Synod, I am not so sure. Now we have proof of an organized effort to deceive and I think we all have to take that into account, especially as it relates to my charge that the “Legend” about Luther is intentionally false."

"So, for the moment I would prefer to view your belief in some kind of “Reformation illuminati”, as either some kind of delusion or the product of an overly active imagination, both of which are reminiscent of Luther Himself."


Pilgrimsarbour said...

I knew it!

James, wait until Screwtape and Slubgob hear about this!

Yours ravenously,


GeneMBridges said...


The Tblog staff has informed me that the fine of $500k has been extracted from your offshore Cayman account. This will be returned to you when and only when you complete the requist pilgrimages to Geneva, London, and Charleston, SC, whereupon you shall kiss the ring of the Right Reverend Hays. I have been also been instructed that the locks will changed on your house and car while you are gone.

The Enforcer!

bkaycee said...

Oh, Great! I just paid my Reformation Illuminati annual dues to get the Illuminati yearbook and have just cut out your picture and burned it!

Please DO NOT plan to sit with us at the upcoming Illuminati banquet.

Rhology said...

And the pastor of the Lutheran church you attend faithfully is preparing to excommunicate you.