Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You've Been Left Behind

I've recently begun teaching a four part series on Eschatology at my church, so I've been revisiting end times themes and trends in church history.

Back in the late 1970's and early 1980's I saw the movie, A Thief in the Night (1972) more than a few times. Well, it was the end of the world, so my dispensational church needed to make sure the message got out. Israel had become a nation again in 1948, and only one generation of forty years was left. The rapture was immanent. I didn't want to miss the rapture!

Ah, the magic of the Internet, the entire movie is on line. You can even download it. It may be one of the worst movies ever made, but like an Ed Wood movie, it's so bad it's good. Long before Tim Lahaye's Left Behind, the church was given the cinematic brilliance of A Thief in the Night and its sequel, A Distant Thunder. What I did not know, was that there were two other sequels- Image of the Beast (1980) and The Prodigal Planet (1983). Well, turn the lights down low, get a bag of popcorn, sit back in your chair, and enjoy!

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Andrew said...

I tried to watch it, but fell asleep out of sheer interestedness.