Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Five Year Catholic Answers Anniversary

This month marks my five year anniversary as a member of the Catholic Answers Forums!

To date, I've posted under 500 times, with an average of 0.25 posts per day. I'd like to thank the staff of Catholic Answers for not banning me. Recall, Mr. Madrid banned me from Envoy because I posted a link to Alpha and Omega Ministries.I was banned from the Coming Home Network forums during the registration process.

To celebrate five years of wonderful dialog, I found a recent post in which it was claimed,

I have interacted with a large percentage of these anti-Catholic types over the years, and they all say exactly what you said about "moving on" when certain facts about Luther or Calvin are mentioned. They simply do not want to hear the truth. This is truly tragic, though, because like Luther and Calvin, such people deceive and continue to deceive so many unsuspecting souls. And quite frankly, I believe there is a moral duty, a moral obligation to expose such false teachers. They would find it far more difficult to seduce their followers if the truth about the corrupt reformers were better known.

So, as a representative of "The Organization of anti-Catholic Types" I joined in this discussion and I've been responding not as I usually do, but with the chosen method of some Catholic apologists. I've been going line-for-line, responding to virtually everything this person posts.

The discussion can be found here: Sin boldly?

I also saved a copy of the dialog. Given my past track record, I can't guarantee there will be a sixth year of wonderful dialog with the Catholic Answers folks.


Carrie said...

Happy anniversary!

Four* Pointer said...

"The Organization of Anti-Catholic Types" Is that like "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"?

If you could photoshop a logo, I would gladly put it on my site and sign up as a charter member :)

Happy Ann'y!

Andrew said...

Swan you dunce! Don't you know that the blood drinking, Satan worshipping, old lady punching, beer swilling, whore mongering, sin loving, bible editing, piety hating, child abusing, kitten kicking, puppy drowning heretic Martin Luther was guilty of telling people to "sin boldly"? You say "but in context it is clear that he wasn't encouraging people to sin, but rather making a point about God's grace". To which I say "don't try and muddle things up by pointing out simple facts"! Context is unimportant. What is important is that you are an anti-catholic zealot and that's all there is to it!!!!!!!!! Jerk.

EA said...

Congratulations James!

So that's 5 years off your time in Purgatory too, right?

bkaycee said...

I think a plenary indulgence is in order for the patience you display with "Denifle man" on "Sin Boldly" discussion.

Matthew D. Schultz said...

What's this James "Sjuan" parody about? How long has this been going on?

James Swan said...


I've gained a few stalkers over the years. No big deal.