Friday, March 13, 2009

For any that followed the discussion between Turretinfan and Matthew Bellisario in regard to my post "Can You Pray To Whoever You Want To? Let's Ask Jimmy Akin", Turretinfan has posted a helpful review:

To Whom Can Roman Catholics Pray?

On a related note, Dr. White reviewed another clip from Jimmy Akin that we've been calling, "We Don't Need No Stinking Bible Verses!" This clip may be my all time favorite from Jimmy Akin.

Here is the MP3 clip, Jimmy Akin: We Don't Need a Verse . However, I'd suggest listening to Dr. White's review as well.


Andrew said...

I heard James White say once that a Roman Catholic RCIA teacher he debated thought that it was okay to pray to St. Martin Luther. He said this during a cross exam with Sungenis. I thought that was a little bizarre.

James Swan said...

it was okay to pray to St. Martin Luther

I recall this as well. However, before calling him "saint Luther", why shouldn't I try and contact him in purgatory and ask him to pray for me? That would've been my follow up question to Jimmy Akin.