Friday, October 10, 2008

ERIC SVENDSEN, Evangelical apologist, debater, author and director of New Testament Research Ministries, will address the theme of his book: "UPON THIS SLIPPERY ROCK: Countering Roman Catholic Claims to Authority."

MP3 Available Here

"How do you know your private interpretation of the Bible is correct over against the private interpretation of every other denomination?"

"How can you be certain that you are in the truth since all you have to go on is your own fallible private judgment that your church is right?"

"How do you know you’ve picked the right denomination?"

"How can you believe in sola Scriptura, a principle that has resulted in over 25,000 Protestant denominations?"

Sound familiar? If you've ever spent time dialoguing with a Roman Catholic apologist, chances are you've been confronted with these very questions.

Finally, from Eric Svendsen and Calvary Press, comes a layman's handbook for answering the epistemological dilemmas posed by Roman Catholic apologists--one that not only answers these questions and others like them, but also shows you how to turn those same dilemmas back on the Roman Catholic inquisitor himself! Winsome and practical; in-depth yet easy to read; this timely volume will prove to be an invaluable handbook in your dealings with Roman Catholic apologists who attempt to denigrate the Scriptures in their zeal to promote the authority of Rome.

You can also hear 2 "Iron Sharpens Iron" inteviews with Dr. Svendsen on his groundbreaking, 334-page book "WHO IS MY MOTHER?: The Role & Status of Mary in the New Testament & Roman Catholicism" on free downloadable MP3s.:

Part #1 can be heard here

Part #2 can be heard here


BillyHW said...

In the time it took you to write this post, another three mutually contradictory "Bible" denominations came into existence in the United States alone.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Wow. If Sola Scriptura is so simple and easy to get, then why do all of these simple-simons need Svendsen's book to explain it all? It's not Sola Scriptura, its Sola Svendsen. Scripture isn't plain enough for all of you to understand. You need Svendsen to rescue your faith! Wow this is too good to be true. I just love the advertisement for his book. All we need now is Billy Maze to sell it on lat night TV. Call now and you'll receive Svendsen's set of chopping knives for cutting out Rome's heresy!

James Swan said...

Wow, it's a little bit like throwing bait into the water.

In the future, I'll make sure to disable the comment box on posts like these.

Rhology said...

another three mutually contradictory "Bible" denominations came into existence in the United States alone.

So what? Is God's Word insufficient?

Pilgrimsarbour said...

Mundane time here: I'm unable to get the link for Part 2 to work. Could you check it out please? Thanks.

Pilgrimsarbour said...

Sorry...I mean Part 2 of Who is my Mother?

James Swan said...

try the MP3 link now. It should be fixed.

Pilgrimsarbour said...

Thanks, James. I got it now.

DH (DumbHusband) said...

Wow James, thanks for the book tip.
Bought the book.
Read the book.
Loved the book.
Short, clear and to the point.

My trouble is not in understanding Sola Scriptura but the illogical arguments I've been confronted with recently. The same arguments so carefully and clearly dealt with in this book.

Not Sola Svendsen...
Viva Svendsen!
Viva Beggars All!
Viva Sola Scriptura!!!