Thursday, September 11, 2008

If it Says it on Wikipedia....

If it Says it on Wikipedia....check to make sure it's true. For instance:

Another work says: "In all of his [Luther's] work there was a sense of urgency for the time was short... the world was heading for Armageddon in the war with the Turk."[2]

[2]^ Luther's View of Church History, John M. Headley, Yale University Press, 1963, pp 13,14

I came across this quote while researching some other Luther quotes. Parts of the Wikipedia entry this quote comes from have been lifted verbatim from a Jehovah's Witness apologetic site.

The quote above claims to be from Luther's View of Church History by John M. Headley. No such statement occurs on either pages 13 or 14 in the 1963 Yale edition. Nor do I think the statement is made anywhere in this book.

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