Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Greetings Scott Windsor. I have noted your blog entries, and will read them when I get the chance. 


Scott said...

Greetings James. I wrote two responses to you today. One was in response to your response to my sola fide article - that one is a bit more polemical. The other was in response to your questions on the Eucharist. I felt those questions were sincere and I answered in a non-combatitive way.

May God bring us to all truth.


Scott said...

Hello again James,

I will patiently await your responses to my blogs, however, I do not check your blog often - and do not have plans of visiting more often at this point. There seems to be much obsession with Luther, and I am not an anti-Lutheran apologist. So please, let me know when you've responded and/or post your responses to my blog.

I am interested in what you have to say, and very much so in answering sincere questions regarding the Catholic Faith, which is now part of my life.

Former Lutheran
Catholic Apologist
American Catholic Truth Society - ACTS

James Swan said...

There seems to be much obsession with Luther, and I am not an anti-Lutheran apologist


I'm extremely busy at the moment. I spend about an hour, or less on-line each day. Most of my blog entries are written over the course of a few days, and most of my other time is spent on tedium with the other blog I supervise. I just don't have time at the moment to involve myself in debates.

Frankly, if I wanted to, responding to Roman Catholics in cyberspace could be a full time job. I've often considered turning the comment section of this blog completely off, simply because I don't have the time to respond to every comment.

Thanks for stopping by, and for responding to the eucharist entry, and also the Luther entry. Eventually, I'll probably respond to Luther entry.

I'm not "obsessed" with Luther, but if you're familiar at all with my interests, you'll note that I've studied Luther for many years now, particularly the Roman Catholic understanding of Luther. It does amaze me with how often Roman Catholics mis-quote or misunderstand Luther. I will continue studying this- but if Roman Catholics would do better work on Luther, there would be a lot less for me to do, and more time to discuss purgatory and the Eucharist with you.

Scott said...

Hello again James.
I happened by again tonight to see if you had any substantive responses to my blogs. I see that you're not ready to do so. I'll stop by here and there, but if you make a response, please let me know it's there when you post it.

CathApol said...

Where did you go?