Saturday, August 02, 2008

Blogger Problems: Sitemeter

I really sometimes do think about taking a hammer to my computer. It never fails- I finally get a chance to sit down and write, and some weird computer problem happens. Friday morning, my laptop died. It makes some sort of strange noise, and then freezes, and then shuts itself off. OK, I get the hint. Rest in peace my old friend.

Around 10:30 Friday night, I clicked on my blog, only to have an error message telling me Internet Explorer could not load the page, nor could IE load the Iron sharpens Iron blog. I'm not anywhere near being a computer expert. Normally, I'm too stubborn to call for help, and I take around 32 hours to figure it out for myself. This time, it only took me about 2 hours to figure out.

After troubleshooting, I figured out no one could view my blog using IE (though some Firefox people could). Something I had on both blogs was causing the problems (other people's blogs were working fine).

No, it wasn't Reformed theology, it was Sitemeter- a little widget that tracks Internet traffic to my two blogs. The Sitemeter site wouldn't work either. I'm mentioning this, because perhaps some of you likewise are having the problem. Remove sitememter, and you'll get your blog back. I'll put it back on the blogs in a few days if the Sitemeter site returns. something very bad must've happened over at Sitememter.


Carl said...

Yup...sitemeter was the cause. I had a hiccup earlier this week with my own blog due to a file only partially appearing but re-uploading my blog elements fixed that. This problem, however was affecting my home computer as well as my work computer not being able to connect to my blog and other blogs as well. A quick online investigation/research uncovered the sitemeter/IE problem. I don't know the root cause and I will be curious if any explanations will be officially given by Sitemeter officials but I removed it from my sidebar for the time being.

Carrie said...

Hmmm. I use IE and sitemeter and haven't had any issues.

Turretinfan said...

People have been having problems accessing my blog with IE as well (and I have Sitemeter).

Turretinfan said...

Found the solution:

Note the place that the java code MUST be placed, as shown in this video:

It seems that the problem is that the old way of putting the js in a page element (as still shown in the old fashioned instructions for blogs) is causing IE to terminate operations.

The solution is to (a) use the new js code and (b) place the js outside the outer wrapper (I may be misspeaking ... see the video).


Turretinfan said...

Let me try that link as a link:


Ottofire said...

For those that have (IE) to see, let them see...

But for me, Safari is working fine.

You should know that Microsoft is behind it. Ever since the great computer apostasy in the early eighties it has been preaching the false programming of work, work, work. Pick up your mouse and follow me to Macintosh.