Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Think I've been Banned....

I signed up for the Coming Home Forums... moderated by... a Romanist apologist. I did so, because I was sent a link to one of the recent discussions about Luther and the Assumption, started by the same Romanist apologist. I saw this question, asked by a Baptist:

"I did notice that you did not include primary source citations for Luther's beliefs other than the sermon. Do you happen to know which one is being referenced? Also I can not find the book you quote first "Mary in Protestant and Catholic Thought." Did you mean "Mary in Protestant and Catholic Theology?" I am having trouble tracking down that quotes citation as well "WA, 30, II, 351." I would very much appreciate knowing what is ment by "WA" here. This might seem like a simple question but I can not this."

I saw this question and that it had not been answered, so I sent the person a private message, letting them know of my recent blog entry about O'Meara, and also explaining what "WA" meant. I didn't mention the Romanist apologist, or Catholic apologetics..or anything even remotely polemic. Well, a little while later, I returned to the forum, and my "Private Message" ability had been disabled-

Sorry, you do not have permission to use private messaging. You can probably perform this action after you login. If you are not a member, you can register here. If you are already logged in then the administrator of the board does not allow this action. Should you have any questions, please contact

And then, my access to the forums while logged in was blocked. I can't view any of the messages. Nor can I do anything, except log in. It wasn't that long ago that the same Romanist apologist made a big deal of getting thrown out of Proapologian chat, and how unjustified it was, and since I didn't come to his rescue, how awful I was. Well, perhaps he didn't handcuff me on the Coming Home forums, but it is a fairly odd coincidence.

Well, no big deal- I simply wanted to send that message to that one person, which I did. If she got it, fine, if not, fine as well. If anything, the entire thing makes a for a good laugh, and points out what is fairly obvious about Catholic apologists....

Update: The Romanist apologist did ban me in order to keep the sheep safe. Well, he can always ask the person I sent the private message to to confirm what I've posted here.


Carrie said...

Face it, James. You have hit the anti-Catholic big list.

Lvka said...

So: in other words, the guys from Coming Home told You to Go Home! :)

James Swan said...

So: in other words, the guys from Coming Home told You to Go Home! :)


you and i might disagree on a lot of things, but THAT comment was very funny. Thanks.

bkaycee said...


You can be thankfull that the ever/never changing RCC thinks were "separated brethren" now and not hunted heretics!

David Waltz said...

Hello Carrie,

You wrote:

>> Face it, James. You have hit the anti-Catholic big list.>>

Me: For what it is worth, I think James is much more moderate than many other opponents of the RCC. For instance, the good ol’ boys at tolerate NO opposition, and Catholics must walk on egg shells at Eric’s NTRMin Discussion Forum.

I for one sincerely appreciate the fact that James allows spirited discussion on his blog, and have followed his example on my own blog.

Grace and peace,