Friday, June 27, 2008

Sedevacantism Debate

In prior discussions here on Gerry Matatics, some of us have expressed a wish for a debate between Gerry and a popular Catholic apologist (Hahn, Akin, Madrid, etc.). Well, such a debate has still not materialized, but I did come across a debate between another Sedevacantist (John Lane of The Aquinas Site) and Robert Sungenis.

The MP3 files of the debate can be found here

A video series of the debate is also available on YouTube


Matthew Bellisario said...

Cool, great link to a great debate. Sungenis once again refutes his opponent with relative ease. Reminds me of some of the James White debates where Sungenis dismantles him one argument at a time. I long for the day when Robert will once again debate White. It looks like that may be a long way off unfortunately, if ever. Thanks for the link.

bkaycee said...

Is the rejection of the current pope, by sedavacantist, the only major difference between them and Catholics "in good standing"?

Carrie said...


I have answered you in a new post.