Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mark Shea responds to the Gerry Matatics ISI show:

Matatics Completes His Transition Back to Protestantism
So I open my email this morning and get this ad from somebody who is apparently part of the James White Axis of Realio-Trulio Reformed Anti-Catholics. The guy's got a radio show and his special guest is none other than Gerry Matatics, shilling his latest assault on Holy Church with the musical question "GERRY MATATICS: Is John Ratzinger a True Pope?"I can confidently answer that question with a solid negative: John Ratzinger is not a True Pope.The ad informs us that Matatics only "grudgingly" uses the term "sedevacantist" to describe himself. Is that because he doesn't deny that the Pope is the Pope. No. He denies it alright. The name for people who deny that the Pope is the Pope is "sedevacantist". So why deny what he in fact professes? I suspect it could have something to do with the fact that, as the ad says, "Prior to Gerry's adoption of sedevacantism ... he was one of the most highly sought after Catholic apologists in America, and was one of the most highly praised contemporary defenders of the Catholic Faith." Now that he has chosen to regard himself as smarter than Holy Mother Church and to do radio shows aiding and abetting professional anti-Catholics, it's hard to persuade Catholics that he isn't the best person to turn to for information on the Church. "Sedevacantist" doesn't help enhance that reputation. So while advocating a sedevacantist position, Matatics prefers not to *name* that position too loudly.The refusal to give things their proper name is always one of the marks of hell at work.PS: a new ad showed up just now, with Matatics denying that Joseph Ratzinger is the Pope. Matatic's not a sedevacantist or anything though.

So...when do you think Mark Shea will agree to go on ISI in the future with Gerry? [Answer: Never].

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