Monday, December 17, 2007

Update on Steve Ray's Luther Quote

I put together a concise response to Catholic apologist Steve Ray's 11 page PDF of a "few words" over on the aomin blog: A Response To Steve Ray On "When Footnotes Attack!" . As is usually the case, responses and counter-responses tend to inflate, and each installment grows in content and length. I try to avoid this as much as possible, so my response was probably about half the length of Ray's 11 page PDF document, if that. To read Ray's article, see his blog entry: Critics Of My Books. I just noticed Ray "updated" the article. I should point out, I responded to the earlier version, and I'll have to re-check this newer version to see if any of the main issues were responded to, or if the update was just a lot more smoke without any fire. Maybe he corrected his calling me "Swam," or maybe he meant this, so no need to fix it.

As to the entry I wrote, the picture included is Indiana Jones with Luther's face. Before any of you think that I have any sort of skill to create something like that, I don't. I rely on Carrie to put things like this together. She also did the new blog header above, as well as the old blog header. She also put together the Iron Sharpens Iron header. Thanks again Carrie for all your work!