Monday, December 17, 2007

Eat on $32 a month!


Can you eat on only $32 a month? "Impossible," you say? It may not be possible for you, but let me tell you about a some people for whom it is possible. The children that you can sponsor at Compassion is who they are.

This is not about what just over $1 a day gets you. It's about what it can get a child in need.
  • Educational opportunities

  • Health care and supplemental nutrition, if necessary

  • Church-sponsored activities that build social skills

  • Most important of all, the opportunity to hear the gospel, receive Christ, and grow in faith.

  • Disclosure: We sponsor a child, but receive no compensation for people signing up or anything of the sort. As my wife and I prayed about this before sponsoring a child she told me of her time in Nicaragua. She spent two weeks there while finishing her Masters degree living among the people. What really hit her when she got home was the first time she went to the grocery store. She was simply overwhelmed by the abundance of food we have in this country. She told some touching stories about her time there. That was certainly some food for thought for us.

    If you're skeptical of this organization you can check them out on Charity Navigator. In the grand scheme of things it's not much money. In most places it's probably cheaper than cable/satellite TV. My intention is not to make you feel guilty (maybe convicted), but do pray and consider if God would have you sponsor a child.

    Sign-up here if you're ready.




    Carrie said...

    Great post, Mark.

    Compassion is a great organization and a great way to help children physically while most importantly helping them spiritually. I think the support of a child also reaches past just them when their family sees what is happening.

    I would just add that if people are hesitant about a month to month commitment that they could also do a one-time gift. Compassion usually has a few different opportunities you can donate to through their website.

    L P Cruz said...

    I have the joy of seeing one of my sponsored child finish junior college through Compassion.

    I highly recommend this ministry work too.


    Mike Burgess said...

    This is one of the charities my family and I sponsor. We ask you to join us in praying for our sponsor child in India.