Thursday, November 29, 2007

Southern Baptists Building Bridges: Reflections


I don't want to fill-up James' blog with SBC stuff, but some readers here may appreciate the conference I just attended. So I'm referring them to my personal blog if they wish to go read about it. I had great fellowship and enjoyed meeting some key SBC leaders.

If you're SBC these are messages and conversations that need to be heard.

Grace and peace,



Jason said...

I was curious (having been part of a few SBC fellowships in the past), but I couldn't figure out where to read more about it.

Neither of your blogs seemed to have more than one entry.

Could you put a link in to it in your "Beggar's" post?


Carrie said...


The post is here.

johnMark said...

Thanks Carrie. I've been busy since getting back and still have too much to do.

Jason, sorry I wasn't more clear, but the link was in the title of the blog. Or if you are looking for more links check out Tom Ascol's blog he has a list.

I've also moved my blog to it's own host.