Saturday, November 17, 2007

Catholic Powerball Apologetics


I was just doing some searching online and I came across a relatively popular blog run by a Catholic who is a DJ. As I scrolled down the right-hand side to learn more about this blogger I noticed several Catholic links with a box entitled "False Teachers" that contains an interesting array of people lumped together. I read down the list and see Osteen, Hagee, Jakes, Meyer and Hinn...


Then we read James White, Eric Svendsen, John MacArthur and James McCarthy. Now even in Catholic apologetics I believe most would admit that these names do not belong together. Not even close. But, whatever as this is not the real irony.

When you go to the links that talk about Osteen, Hagee, etc. being false teachers you find something interesting.

The Catholic Connection at the Deception in the Church site. This site even uses material by John MacArthur, Mike Gendron and Ken Silva who would both basically agree with James White and Eric Svendsen. I know Mike Gendron and the main purpose of his ministry is to proclaim the Gospel to Catholics.

The Let Us Reason site has a page of links against the Roman Catholic Church.

The Apologetics for Christians site claims Rome has a false Gospel.

And finally, the Biblical Discernment Ministries site which doesn't speak too highly of many also has a page against Rome.

Just thought I share my Saturday morning browsing accident that made me laugh.


p.s. The link to the blog is now hyper linked.


Ken Silva said...

Hi Mark,

Yeah, though I am a former DJ myself...I'm also a former Roman Catholic. 8^)

And I'm pretty sure the site you mention would differ with my piece here:

Vatican Joins Historic Talks to End 950-Year Rift with Orthodox Church

johnMark said...

Hi Ken,

I was a DJ in high school at a Christian a.m. radio station before I was a Christian.

I am also sure the site would differ with your piece. :)

Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

The list looks correct to me. Who said all the false teachers need to be of the same falshood. White preaches "faith alone" contrary to the clear teaching of God's Holy Word. This fellow identifies White as a false teacher on the logical grounds that White is a false teacher.

johnMark said...


You missed it. Those same sites that say people like Meyer, Hagee and Hinn are false teachers also say that Roman Catholicism is false.


Anonymous said...

"You missed it. Those same sites that say people like Meyer, Hagee and Hinn are false teachers also say that Roman Catholicism is false."

Ah, so I did.

Powerball said...

I'm the editor of PowerBlog! You are not the first to raise this point. I'm well aware of what the sites say about the Catholic faith. You notice I don't link to that misinformation. However, I do agree with the objections to the people I listed.

It's not really ironic at all. I would agree on certian points with any Christian. I find many postitive things in the protestant churches. Still I obviously depart from those views in areas.

To me a false teacher is one who teaches something that is untrue. That list could be a mile long. I have chosen to list those who I have direct knowledge of.

I hope that provides a bit more understanding of why I stand by what is listed and linked.