Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I just wanted to post a few words on the blog and my schedule.

First, a very big thanks to Carrie, Alan, and John Mark for their great contributions. I am currently taking a class (on top of my already hectic schedule), so their help has kept this blog going. I'm really enjoying having others posting along with me. This was actually something I've intended to do for quite some time, and I'm thankful for God's timing in bringing these people over here. I am still waiting for RAY AVILES to come on board. Ray is a long time cyber-friend, I've extended the invite, but he has a busy schedule also. I will continue to pester him until I get my way. He can even post in Spanish if he wants to.

Secondly, I must offer my apologies for those of you wishing to engage me in some of my recent posts. I just don't have the time. One particular person wondered why I wasn't simply quoting Augustine, but rather I quoted Luther quoting Augustine. He missed the point, which was to show that Protestants have engaged the pop-Catholic-apologetics quotes already. That being said, I've actually thought about not allowing comments on the posts I put up until I have time to defend or explain something I've written. I think though I'll leave my com-box open, and those of you wishing to comment should take this opportunity to speak your mind knowing you will get little back from me (in other words, declare yourselves "victors" and enjoy your triumph).

Third, I've seen that the blog has been attracting more than a few Roman Catholics, and some are complaining about how poorly they are being treated, while at the same time acting less than respectfully. Carrie, Alan, and John Mark are free to delete whichever comments they want to. Also, I will delete comments if any of my friends come by and are either insulted or offended.

If you are Roman Catholic (or Orthodox, Mormon, or adhere to some form of sola ecclesia), you are welcome to post your comments and defend your beliefs.

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Churchmouse said...

Brother, if I had the confidence to write anything in Spanish, I'd be thrilled. However, my Spanish has evolved into Spanglish over the years. I'd be lucky just to distinguish between a "guineo" and a "platano" and that's only because they're edible :-)

Seriously, Jim, I will come aboard soon. I've been taking over Bible classes for the pastor (at the school) while he's away in Romania and Greece; thus, I have twice the grading to do. He'll be back in another week and we'll see where it goes from there. Your blog isn't a missing a beat though, even if you are busy. JohnMark, Carrie, and Alan seem to be holding down the fort like tigers :-)